Public Realm & Wayfinding

We aim to focus on the wellbeing of visitors, employers, employees and residents around the Harley Street area, by improving our public spaces and making it easier for people to navigate their way around and find the businesses and organisations they are looking for. We want to make every individual experience of our Harley Street area a positive one, so much so that people spread the word.

Projects we are investigating include:

  • Greening (planting) and community seating
  • Encouraging further green space
  • Improved directional signage at Underground stations
  • Business health checks
  • Zero/low emissions supplier directory
  • Click and collect schemes
  • Hard copy directional maps/literature
  • Lobbying and engaging with TFL
  • Public Realm Study of the area
  • Air quality improvements
  • Street cleaning teams


Promoting the Harley Street area at a national and global level will vastly increase our visibility as well as help define through cumulative exposure what makes our area unique. In turn, this will empower the Harley Street BID to become a leading global player in medical innovation and excellence.

We aim to work towards:

  • The national and international promotion of the Harley Street BID as a key destination for medical tourism
  • Promoting quality of patient care
  • Developing a loyalty card scheme for all who live and work in the Harley Street area
  • Instigating a shared citation scheme with our medical member businesses, where they mention or link back to the Harley Street BID, to improve internet search rank and visibility
  • Adopting the unique medical history and technological advancement of the area as a USP
  • Developing promotional tools on our website for corporate marketing and events
  • Engaging the large corporate organisations, retail and hospitality that make up a significant portion of our local business community
  • Creating social media pages to promote businesses and opportunities in the area


A key part of our business collaboration is to be a collective voice for all businesses in the Harley Street BID footprint. We will strive to promote the area through our business sustainability and connectivity initiative by:

  • Engaging and assisting with local business promotion
  • Launching the Harley Street Rewards app with exclusive offers and deals
  • Engaging with retailers to provide loyalty benefits
  • Changing the perception of the area to promote the wider industry sector mix
  • Organising business networking events
  • Working with the Met Police to offer a range of business crime awareness training
  • Providing a business search map on the website


The safety and security of our businesses and colleagues is a key priority for the Harley Street BID. We want people who use the area to feel safe and secure at all times. To achieve this, we will:

  • Ensure our businesses are provided with the most appropriate and effective tools for the current environment
  • Work with City of Westminster as they roll out their Business Risk Management Toolkit, to support our businesses identify and manage day-to-day risks
  • Work with key stakeholders including the Metropolitan Police
  • Work with the homeless and outreach partners
  • Provide relevant safety awareness training, including cycle safety
  • Member of the West End Security Group (WESG) who we will work with and they act as a catalyst for effective security collaboration across the West End

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