Five minutes with Sam Snell, Centre Manager at European Scanning Centre

Each month, we spend five minutes with one of the impressive professionals that call Harley Street home. This month, it's over to the European Scanning Centre to meet Centre Manager Sam Snell...

Can you tell us a little bit about your work at European Scanning Centre?

My average day as a Centre Manager is running the operational side of the business, ensuring patient pathways are at the forefront of what we do. I ensure that we are meeting our turn-around promises, from receipt of the referral to the sending the report back to the referring doctor. Communication with patients throughout the process is key to running a gold standard service.

As well as our patients, it’s also about supporting our staff, ensuring they have all the support they need to be able to do their jobs well and be passionate in what they are doing, which is really important to me.

Then there are all the other little bits you do as a diagnostic centre manager, the health & safety inspections, the day-to-day running of 8 different scanning modalities across two locations (including PET CT, CT and MRI) , being there for our referrers, being available if patients or staff need me.

How did you get to where you are today?

I have worked in health and social care sector for 12 years, including learning disability homes as a manager. When I began, it was an establishment with 2 homes, which ended up growing to 6 units. When I left in 2018 I had led the team into achieving ‘outstanding’ ratings with CQC. From there, I stepped into managing an Alliance Medical PETCT unit in Southend at a busy NHS site. It was a very small unit, operating 5 days a week, 3 days PET & 2 days CT, seeing 13 patients a day. I was able to work with the team, building rapport with local referrers and creating Gold Standard Framework. As well as centering our approach around patients, we tailored our service and began operating fully as a PET unit Monday to Saturday, scanning 19 PET patients a day and running Sundays as a CT unit.

I have spent the past 3 years at Southend when I was approached by management in Alliance Medical who were looking for a Centre Manager for European Scanning Centre in Central London. Of course I was aware of the heritage of Harley Street, and the surrounding areas, and was very excited about the opportunity.

How has Covid-19 impacted your organisation?

More than anything, the pandemic has proven European Scanning Centre’s resilience, which is true for the healthcare sector as a whole.

Certainly for us, I feel it has brought about changes for the better, including a weekly management ‘Bronze meeting’ where our key internal stakeholders share vital information, from Health and Safety, Covid updates, operational updates and quality and risk, which I can then communicate with my team.

Even though we cannot get in the same room as each other at Head Office, the use of video calls is much more personal and avoids the feeling of being isolated from the company. It also gives me more time on site, supporting the teams and improving efficiency, allowing us provide a better for service for our patients.

What do you like most about being based on Harley Street?

Honestly, the heritage. Harley Street, and the surrounding area is world-renowned for its top-quality, gold standard level of health care and to be associated with Harley Street is evidence of the quality I believe in.

Patients can come to Harley Street and pick their own referral pathway, they have access to the top consultants, the most advanced diagnostic facilities and can go to a beautiful independent café for a coffee between their appointments.
The sleek, modern practices coupled with the Georgian Townhouses make it such a unique area and a joy to work in.

What are your thoughts on the future of the Harley Street Area?

To continue to push for the highest standards, not just as individual centres and practices but as a community to ensure that we keep that recognition as the heart of private healthcare.

How does the Harley Street Medical Area Partnership support your business?

I believe the HSMAP are key to keeping the area clean, safe and the first choice for patients. They will continue to help secure our reputation, and keep patients returning for the very best care. Also instilling a sense of community in the area.

How could a visitor to the area spend their time here?

There is something for everyone. It’s such a vibrant area with high-quality bars, shops and restaurants. If they are coming for medical treatment or diagnostics, they have access to the best shopping areas, Oxford Street and Marylebone High Street. Regents Park is just across the road and is a beautiful green space to get lost in during a lunch break.

Any particular recommendations or hidden gems?

I personally love Tommi’s Burger Joint on Thayer Street! My team and I can often be seen having meetings over coffee in Bonne Bouche.

If you could describe the Harley Street area in three words, what would they be? 

Fun, vibrant and World-renowned!


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