Go-ahead for first medical Voluntary led partnership in Harley Street

In the fall of 2018, Primera Corporation was commissioned by the Howard de Walden Estate to explore the feasibility of developing a more formalised business partnership for the Harley Street Medical Area.

The aim was to explore bringing together a range of voluntary stakeholders with the Howard de Walden estate as an exciting business collective.

It is clear when visiting the Harley Street Medical Area that Howard de Walden have laid fantastic foundations in initiating bringing these businesses together and making strides in improved public realm, marketing and other developmental assets for the area. Visibly though now is the time to build on this fantastic work by bringing the strong medical collective voice together to drive an even more powerful agenda forward.

Early engagement with the various operators in the area saw a healthy appetite for this exciting medical partnership to be established and membership of this group has now begun in earnest, with the first strategic board meeting expected to take place in late spring

Ongoing advances to the area that the partnership may focus on are:

  • Shared mutual objective
  • Uk and International Marketing
  • Strong Lobbying Voice
  • Public realm enhancements and parking initiative’s
  • The Visitor experience
  • Collaboration and scales of economy

Primera are thrilled to be providing the executive team to steer these projects forward and at the same time will continue to explore and test the appetite for a longer term business model, through the development of a bespoke medical Business Improvement District. It is an exciting time for the Harley Street Medical Area and one to watch with such innovation and collaboration leading the way.