Meet Ian McDermott, knee surgeon at The Phoenix Hospital Group

Mr Ian McDermott is one of the UK’s leading knee surgeons, and he is now based at The Phoenix Hospital Group’s outpatient clinic at No. 25 Harley Street, and operating at The Weymouth Street Hospital.

Mr McDermott is one of the pioneers of cutting-edge knee surgery in the UK, being a Hospital Innovations ‘Centre of Excellence’ for meniscal transplantation surgery. He has developed the techniques for ‘Biological Knee Replacement’ surgery and was the founder of the UK Biological Knee Society, promoting advanced reconstructive surgical techniques in patients with severe knee damage who are too young for joint replacement surgery.

Mr McDermott has also now brought ‘custom-made knee surgery’ to the Harley Street area, with Conformis knee replacements. These use 3D CT scanning and 3D printing techniques to create patient-specific knee prostheses that exactly match the size, shape and contours of a patient’s knee, giving significantly better patient satisfaction scores. Mr McDermott was the first surgeon in the UK to implant a Conformis knee and he is now a designated Surgical Training Centre, teaching these techniques to other surgeons from across the UK.

Mr McDermott is delighted to be working in the Harley Street area with the Phoenix Hospital group to provide the very highest level of care to his patients in a setting of unparalleled quality.

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