Meet Karen Scarborough

Marylebone High Street Ward Councillor for almost eight years

I have had the privilege of being elected a Marylebone High Street Ward Councillor for almost eight years and also to be selected as one of the candidates for the new Marylebone Ward in the May elections in 2022.

During that period I have sat on various committees and now chair the Business and Childrens Policy & Scrutiny Committee, the Scrutiny Commission, a Licensing Committee am Governor of St Vincent’s School in Marylebone and St Mary of the Angel’s in Westbourne Park, a Trustee of the St Marylebone Almshouses and the Young Westminster Foundation. This will give you a flavour of my time spent as a Councillor, as well as responding daily to residents concerns.

I have helped residents with many issues including waste collections, licensing, planning, and other street issues. I have weekly site meetings regarding the development of the Moxon Street Car Park site and for example helped to get a Zebra crossing in Aybrook Street to support St Vincent’s School together with a project manager on behalf of the school and S106 for improvements to the air quality of the school during the development. I was chair of the Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood, to improve air quality, where we trialled inter alia the Rain Gardens and the diesel surcharge which was then rolled out throughout Westminster.

Air Quality and greening are one of my passions and I sit with the Leader of the Council on a steering group to work towards our of Zero Carbon by 2040 target. Young people are one of my other passions and I am a trustee of the Young Westminster Foundation whose aims are to give our young people in Westminster the best opportunities in life.

I love being involved with the Harley Street area as this is a very big part of Marylebone and we all know it is renowned for its medical excellence. In fact I think the words Harley Street are synonymous with medical! I would add that like many areas this is being expanded now to include other businesses particularly in the creative sector and other businesses. I see this as very much being the way forward for the Harley Street area.

The Harley Street area is very important to the economy of Westminster which of course then ultimately benefits the rest of the country.

For everyone’s well being we are encouraging everyone to walk and cycle when they can and by adding greening to the Harley Street area where possible, it will make for a more conducive ambiance for all.

For anyone visiting the Harley Street area we have some wonderful independent shops in Marylebone High Street and the surrounding streets. One of my absolute favourites is Daunts book shop on the High Street.

We also have some fantastic restaurants in the Marylebone area and are quite spoilt when it comes to a choice of which hospitality venue to support!