OCL Vision Launches the OCL Vision Academy

The independent eye surgery provider OCL Vision in launching the OCL Vision Academy. The OCL Vision Academy includes in-house, face-to-face CPD events and seminars as well as an online educational platform, which will go live this Summer 2023.

The independent eye surgery provider OCL Vision in launching the OCL Vision Academy.  The OCL Vision Academy includes in-house, face-to-face CPD events and seminars as well as an online educational platform, which will go live this Summer 2023.

The OCL Vision Academy will run alongside OCL Vision’s Shared Care Partnership Programme which has the aim of bridging the gap between optometry and ophthalmology.

All aspects of cataract, corneal and retinal eye health will be covered by the OCL Vision Academy. The educational platform will also feature an online Knowledge Base, login restricted to professionals that are part of the OCL Vision Shared Care Scheme, which allows them to search for topics they want to learn more about. The events programme, which includes online webinars, peer reviews and symposiums, makes the OCL Vision Academy a one stop shop for all your educational needs.

Two CPD Peer Review events were hosted in June at OCL Vision’s brand new, state-of-the-art clinic on Kensington High Street. Both events, on June 13th and June 20th, were led by the consultant ophthalmologists of OCL Vision. Attendees were able to tour the new facility and received three CPD points.

Optical professionals can find out more about any of the online courses, webinars and events hosted by OCL Vision by emailing the Shared Care Partnership Lead, Sofia Carbognin, at sofia@oclvision.com.

Speaking about the Shared Care Partnership Programme and the launch of the OCL Academy, Justin Hardy, lead optometrist and owner of St. Albans Eye Care Centre, commented: “The scheme gives me confidence that the patients I refer will be looked after with professionalism and receive the highest quality of care available.

“Once the patient has completed their surgery at OCL, it is reassuring to know that I will be able to provide the correct aftercare and the patient will be coming back to my practice with a personalised plan in place.

“Increasing numbers of patients are opting for private treatment rather than endure the long waiting lists of the NHS. Once a patient has decided that private is the route for them, I will recommend them to OCL Vision as I regard its care as second to none.”

Mr Allon Barsam, consultant ophthalmic surgeon and co-founder of OCL Vision, comments: “The launch of the OCL Vision Academy will further strengthen our relationship with optometrists and we are excited to be adding another benefit to our Shared Care Partnership Programme.

“Community care is more important than ever, as NHS hospital waiting lists are under significant pressure meaning that many eye patients are now relying on optometrists to avoid the difficulties with the NHS. We hope the OCL Vision Academy educational platform will be a useful education and development tool for optical professionals at every stage of their career.

“We are dedicated to providing personalised care to every patient who comes through our door and this partnership programme is a powerful way to help surgeons and referrers work seamlessly together, putting the patient’s needs at the heart of everything we do.”