Street Cleansing and Security Teams

August 5, 2022

The Cleansing and Security teams are part of the most visible aspects of the Harley Street Business Improvement District. In partnership with the West End Security Group and The Welcome People. The teams will deliver the best possible services in the Harley Street Area.

With a focus on the wellbeing and safety of visitors, businesses and residents, the uniformed street cleansing and security teams operate in Harley Street footprints to deliver a welcoming and safe environment.

The Street Cleansing team has flexible operatives to ensure the provision of a five-day general cleansing schedule consisting of:

  1. Deep cleaning of pavements.
  2. Daily litter picking, daytime street sweeping and bin topping.
  3. Graffiti removal.
  4. Leaf and blossom collection.


The security team, with dedicated staff, collaborates with local police and outreach teams. With the aid of bespoke reporting systems and other management apps, the team reports on environmental issues and engages with local businesses.

Backed up by tailored training and responsive attitude, the security and street cleansing teams focus on achieving two key projects of the Harley Street BID – Safety and Business Resilience and Public Realm and Wayfinding.