West End Security Group (WESG)

August 5, 2022

The West End Security Group (WESG) is a membership-driven organisation focusing on business resilience against terrorism and major disruptions in London’s West End. Membership comprises of business improvement districts, landowning estates, and representative organisations. WESG works with members and partners to ensure a safe West End by:

  1. Being a catalyst for effective security collaboration.
  2. Providing horizon scanning & threat interpretation.
  3. Tailoring training opportunities and facilitating seminars; and,
  4. Maintaining success through specialist security support.


WESG employs consultant advisors to ensure our members receive a full range of tangible benefits. Our members benefit from the expertise of in-house WESG consultancy support in the form of a review of their own security, business continuity and crisis management arrangements.

WESG holds several events each year with an emphasis on security best practices and emerging thought in the fields of counterterrorism and business resiliency. In addition, the team facilitates seminars and training products provided by authorities, as well as original tabletop exercises that form the cornerstone of action planning and initiatives to respond to crises.

Visit www.westendsecuritygroup.com


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