Harley Street Clinic launches new era of cancer screening to aid early cancer detection

Phoenix Hospital Group – one of the UK’s leading private healthcare providers with state-of-the-art hospitals in the Harley Street Medical Area (HSMA) – have announced the launch of a new and innovative full-body cancer screening imaging service to help detect cancer in its early stages.

Based at 9 Harley Street – the hospital’s outpatient consulting and imaging department in central London – Phoenix’s ‘Advanced Cancer Screening’ uses an innovative new method of MRI scanning known as Whole Body-Diffusion Weighted Imaging (WB-DWI), a non-invasive technique developed from years of clinical research with the aim of diagnosing cancer, much earlier in apparently healthy people.

Phoenix’s revolutionary scan – which takes just 45 mins – is designed to deliver a new era of cancer screening, making it possible to diagnose asymptomatic tumours, including those that are not usually the target of conventional screening programmes, thus helping to tackle this important challenge.

It also works by scanning areas which are not normally screened for such as the bladder, kidney, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, liver and pancreas – allowing radiologists to detect cancer lesions small enough to provide an effective early diagnosis.

Prof Anwar Padhani said: “We are delighted to introduce our new Advanced Cancer Screening which is focused on detecting asymptomatic tumours in clients as early as possible, which as we all know is so important when it comes to giving diagnosed patients the best chance they can have for successful treatment. We know that early diagnosis is key to tackling this challenge, and we are pleased to offer clients a new way to access this.”

Phoenix Hospital Group’s Advanced Cancer Screening is designed to provide a new non-invasive technique to detect cancer earlier. Like all MRI scans, which work by mapping the body using magnetic fields, the scan brings an important benefit as it does not involve any radiation, which is used in CT scans or x-rays. We know that unnecessary radiation exposure can increase the risk of developing cancer in later life.

A recent patient, said: Like many people, the pandemic has made me more conscious of my health. I have a history of cancer in my family, and I was keen to have a thorough check over. My doctor told me about the Advanced Cancer Screening programme at 9 Harley Street, so I booked myself an appointment. The scan lasted 45 minutes and the whole process was easy. I didn’t have to fast, didn’t need any injections, and I could head off home straight afterwards with no side effects.

 “I was emailed a very thorough report a couple of days later and had a follow up virtual consultation with the radiologist who explained everything in detail, which was very reassuring. The report was then sent onto my GP for their records. Today I feel so much more comfortable and in control of my health.”