New research reveals majority of UK population do not understand testing requirements and rules of going abroad.

Although the majority of Brits feel comfortable with going abroad this summer, almost 90% do not understand the costs and the rules involved in travelling abroad, according to new research from Royal Pharmacy John Bell & Croyden (Pharmacists to Her Majesty Queen).

The UK government has announced that foreign holidays and weekend getaways from the UK are possible – but only to a limited number of countries.  An update is expected this afternoon (Thursday 24th June).

John Bell & Croyden’s research however has revealed just how little the UK population understands about the testing requirements and complex rules ahead of travelling abroad in the coming weeks.

Although over 60% of Brits feel comfortable with the idea of foreign travel this summer, 94% feel that the costs associated with PCR tests are a concern and almost 90% do not understand the costs and the rules involved in going abroad at all.

Reshma Malde, Superintendent Pharmacist at John Bell & Croyden, says: “Our research shows that, amongst a baffling array of Covid testing rules and regulations ahead of travel, many potential travellers are still completely lost. Making testing plans before travel remains a moving target. Not only are countries and regions continually updating their regulations, but countries may move from Green to Amber rapidly too. On top of this, the array of options and places for obtaining testing, from holiday companies to airlines, airports and chemists, some of which are postal, while others are in-person, makes this even more bewildering for travellers.”

According to the government’s new traffic light system, countries are classed as green, amber or red – with different rules and requirements about quarantine and Covid tests.

Brits do not have to quarantine after visiting green list countries, for instance, while the government says you should not holiday in red or amber destinations, which means most countries. Visiting these countries means extra Covid tests and quarantine. The public is advised to check for these requirements in the government’s travel advice.

The UK Government also announced that, from the 17th May onwards, people in England who have received both vaccinations can demonstrate their status using the NHS app when travelling abroad. However, this is still not a solution as, in most cases, many countries will not accept vaccination status as proof, and still require proof of negative Coronavirus test results before crossing their border.

Unlike PCR Tests and Lateral Flow Tests available through NHS testing for people presenting with Covid-19 symptoms, for those eager to travel abroad, the latest governmental guidance dictates that it is necessary to arrange a private test.

Interestingly, 15% of 18–24-year-olds say that they will seek to complete a PCR test ahead of travel, even if the country does not require it. This is compared to just 7% of 45–54-year-olds.

In response to Covid-19, John Bell & Croyden – who have kept their doors open throughout the pandemic – have launched a same day and next day coronavirus testing service.  The quick and convenient service is also available as a private pre-flight test for passengers. The pharmacy’s Rapid Covid-19 PCR Test, available at a cost of £139, guarantees results the next day along with the provision of a certificate that is accepted by airlines for travel.

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