Five minutes with Ella Moffatt, lead physiotherapist at the Harley Street Specialist Hospital

Each month, we spend five minutes with one of the impressive professionals that call Harley Street home. This month, it's over to The Harley Street Specialist Hospital to meet Ella Moffatt, the lead physiotherapist.

Can you tell us a little bit about your work at Harley Street Specialist Hospital

Harley Street Specialist Hospital is an 11,100 square foot, six floor hospital building located in the heart of the Harley Street medical district.

We offer day surgery across a range of specialties, predominantly orthopaedic, plastic, oral maxillofacial and others.

We boast the following:

  • Two full operating theatre suites and Minor Ops with recovery bays and private rooms
  • Pharmacy and imaging suite for Xrays and CBCT with a walk in service
  • Nine beautiful, newly refurbished consulting rooms throughout the hospital
  • Pain Management Unit with a multidisciplinary team of doctors, surgeons, radiologists and physiotherapists. The unit gives patients rapid access to consultations, scans and treatments on the same day.
  • Our world class surgeons use advanced techniques in surgery and pain management allowing patients to be discharged the same day after having major surgery such as hip or knee replacement.

I work closely with the consultants and other members of the multi-disciplinary team at HSSH to ensure that we are providing the best possible patient centred care.

Describe your average day

No two days are exactly the same. In the mornings I will review the list of patients that are coming in for daycase surgeries. I will ensure that orthopaedic patients are seen post-op for physiotherapy advice and exercises- aiming to give them the best toolkit for their recovery.

I also run outpatient clinics treating a variety of patients; post op surgical patients, acute trauma or sporting injuries and those who have chronic conditions who have been living with pain.

Within my outpatient sessions I aim to give patients bespoke treatment plans, which often involve exercise programmes, but also self-management techniques with the aim of empowering patients to support their recovery.

How did you get to where you are today?

I began my career completing rotations in the NHS and I have since worked at a number of prestigious private hospitals in the HSMA, where I have worked with a large variety of consultants and patients with a huge array of conditions.

I am very active and have a keen interest in all sports, however I have had surgeries on both of my hips and so first hand can appreciate the difficulty of living with pain and how limiting this can be. From this I have a particular interest in working with patients who are in pain, to help them regain independence and in turn hope to improve their quality of life.

What do you like most about being based on Harley Street?

I love the buzz of Harley Street, there is a real sense of community. I am also proud to work in a Hospital which shares the historic raison d’etre of Harley Street in being the centre of excellence in clinical care for patients in and around London.

What are your thoughts on the future of the Harley Street Area?

I think that the area is going to continue to expand and we will attract more patients with growing health tourism and longer NHS waiting lists. I would like to see continued growth and collaboration between neighbouring businesses to provide the best possible outcome for patients.

How does the Harley Street BID support your business?

Patients who visit Harley Street are not only there to meet a clinician or receive treatment, but to experience the Harley Street area as a whole. The Harley Street BID supports our patients journey before they even reach the hospital and once they leave. Bringing local businesses together helps us offer patients comforts of a high standard whether it be visiting a restaurant or staying at a hotel during their visit.

How could a visitor to the area spend their time here?

The HSMA is not just a healthcare hub, there is a plethora of things to do; from attending a gym class, shopping in independent boutiques, enjoying an evening in restaurants and bars, or even just relaxing in Regent’s Park.

 Any particular recommendations or hidden gems?

Trishna- a delicious Indian restaurant on Blandford Street, perfect for a celebration or a treat.

If you could describe the Harley Street area in three words, what would they be? 

Excellence, innovation, world-class