World Suicide Prevention Day: an insight from Green Door Clinic

Suicide Prevention: Intensive Therapy Programme Approach

What to know?
The most important thing is Awareness, so that you can make an early call for help. The right treatment is the corner stone of the suicide prevention plan.

What to look for?
Suicidal thoughts promoting feelings of helplessness, powerless, feeling alone, trapped, with unbearable feelings of shame and inadequacy. All can be treated with the appropriate confidential and professional help.

What to do ?
All of this can be treated with the right appropriate confidential professional help
The suffering person can contact the green door clinic Helpline (GDC) on 03302236470 or visit the website

At the GDC we offer an Intensive Therapy Programme. It is a more agile and highly successful alternative to standard weekly therapy sessions. This is an ‘out-patient programme’ for people who want to make a quick impact on their mental health.

The Intensive Therapy programme
The Intensive Therapy programme gives the opportunity, to take a focused and in-depth exploration of the habitual thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and core beliefs as well as the unhealthy behaviours.

What type of person suits this method of treatment?
It is designed for everyone suffering with mental health difficulties who would like to maximise their recovery in the shortest amount of time.

The Intensive Therapy Programme can be used to help with the underlying battles with mental health that can so often trigger the suicidal thoughts. Which can be struggles with addiction, post-traumatic stress, or a disabling mood disorder. It offers a swift process to enable recovery, using dedicated specialists and programmes to guide the way.

How does this help?
Your story is unique to you and that’s why your recovery programme should also be the same. The reason we as a clinic, started to talk about mental health difficulties such as suicide was to create a new way of working. By designing a bespoke, personalised treatment plan for everyone to suit their budget and circumstances.

Taking a holistic approach to therapy, this programme consists of one-to-one therapy, well-being training, and participation in psycho-education workshops and includes group psychotherapy. Therapy takes place up to 6 days a week, with multiple sessions each day with different therapists to complement your on-going relationship with a regular clinician or therapist who will remain key to your recovery programme.

Each of our Psychiatrists and Clinicians are internationally renowned for their expertise and have many years of experience in clinical practice. They use the latest research to inform how the treatment plan is created. This means they are constantly reviewing the latest innovation in neuroscience to maximise your recovery.

How is this technique new?
Functional Psychiatry is proven to maximise recovery. Modern neuroscience research indicates that the most effective way to change brain activity and improve long-term recovery in the shortest amount of time has three elements:

Psychiatry, Psychology and Wellbeing
Our unique programme works on the principle of Functional Psychiatry which uses all three components together at the same time.

We offer the maximum choice in Wellbeing for your programme including physical exercise, nutrition, acupuncture, yoga, breathwork, mindfulness and meditation.

We also offer the best in psychological talking therapy methods including movement psychotherapy and psychosynthesis psychotherapy, to help you access your subconscious and obtain your own insight to facilitate change.

The Green Door Clinic also have close working partnerships with the Charity Shaw Mind, together with a top London employment discrimination lawyer. Together we can offer immediate support and advice for anyone struggling with feeling unsupported.