Introducing the Harley Street Specialist Hospital

Exemplary patient care in comfortable, boutique surroundings

Introducing the Harley Street Specialist Hospital (HSSH), a new consultant-led hospital in the heart of London’s Harley Street Medical Area. With a focus on delivering exemplary patient experience, HSSH will be a leading independent hospital for those patients who wish to experience first-class care in day-case surgery.

HSSH prides itself on offering a concierge-style service to ensure that patients have the most relaxing visit possible. The hospital has undergone a full refurbishment and offers a range of advanced technological devices to treat a variety of conditions. The on-site operating theatres are fitted out with the most advanced equipment for day-case surgery. HSSH clinicians and nurses are experts in cutting edge treatment who go above and beyond to ensure safe and effective treatment.

Marcus Whiteley, Chief Executive Officer, HSSH, said; “Our aim is to be one of the best independent hospitals in London with a focus on proactively supporting the needs of the individual patient. We welcome each person who visits our hospital, and we ensure that their care is paramount during the entirety of their stay. We are proud to offer leading global consultants an environment where we can complement their skills and expertise by responding to their individual needs and requirements going out of our way to collaborate and bring fresh ideas into their clinics.”

HSSH has appointed an experienced senior team including Dr Carlos Kidel, Medical Director, and Catherine Okonkwo, Head of Governance, and Tom Shrubshall, Clinical Services Manager. HSSH is the home to some world-renowned specialist clinics, including;

• The Centre for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a first-ever and exceptional department in UK private practice with 8 leading Consultant Maxillofacial surgeons working together in a custom-made unit. The department is unique with interconnected specialist facilities from consulting rooms, diagnostic tools, CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) and even operating theatre. The centre will become London’s leading clinic for conditions affecting the mouth, jaw, face, and teeth. The team also have access to on-site 3D printing which is used for planning complex facial reconstruction and correcting facial deformity.
• Orthopaedics The hospital has been set up as a specialist Orthopaedic unit mainly focusing in sports injury, sports medicine and the management of pain. Our enhanced recovery programme aims to get all patients back to normal activity as soon as is practically possible . We are consultant led with a handpicked group of renowned London based and international surgeons. All of our surgical procedures are all supported by a Multi-disciplinary team of consultants, physiotherapists, sports physicians and radiologists
• HSSH plastic surgery and day care reconstructive surgery for cosmetic related surgery and advanced aesthetic treatments, Harley Street Specialist Hospital is positioning itself as a plastics centre of excellence in the Harley Street district. With a newly refurbished unit managed by an experienced and highly skilled patient centric team, we are the place to come to for your treatment.
HSSH welcomes patients and referring medical professionals, dentists and GPs. HSSH welcome enquiries from consultants giving them the reassurance that they have the peace of mind of knowing that their patient will have access to a team of specialists who work together on complex cases. HSSH is a small boutique style hospital that offers a much more personal and comforting style for patients. It allows the team to offer a seamless patient journey with new state-of-the-art equipment and an entire floor devoted to oral and maxillofacial patient requirements.